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May 8, 2022: 4th Sunday C

 May 8, 2022: 4th Sunday C ‘What do I do with my life now? What should my plans be for the future?’ These were questions that my dad shared with my sister and me as we drove my parents from Dallas to Baltimore the past several days. My parents reluctantly agreed to move closer to my sister’s home near Baltimore as mom is no longer able to walk well after falling several times in the past six months. Both being 81 years of age, uprooting from their home of 34 years left them confused and uncertain. I told them that this move reminded me of our move in 1984 when the whole family arrived in Los Angeles airport from Seoul, South Korea with all of our possessions downsized into just eight pieces of luggage. Yet at that time my mom and dad were 43 years young, brimming with hope for an American Dream. Now, it’s a fresh start for this 81 years old couple in a new place which they’ll call home. At every transition of our lives, it is helpful to reflect on some fundamental questions about our v

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