Bible Study

One of the requests of Blessed Mother in Medjugorje is to read and study Sacred Scriptures.
On October 18, 1984, a message said: "Today I call on you to read the Bible every day in your homes and let it be in a visible place so as always to encourage you to read it and to pray." A later message picks up on this one in a very specific manner: "Every family must pray family prayer and read the Bible!" (Message of February 14, 1985) Two further messages give reasons to why reading Sacred Scripture is so very important: "Pray and read the Sacred Scriptures so that through my coming you discover the message in the Sacred Scriptures for you.", and "Read Sacred Scripture, live it, and pray to understand the signs of the times." (June 25, 1991 and August 25, 1993)

Scripture tells us what God says about Himself and what He passed on or revealed to us. It is also a guide on our path to holiness so as to be increasingly in union with Him and with each other as God's people.

Listed below are bible studies which will help you to deepen your relationship with Our Lord. 

Bible Study with Dr. Bill Creasy
Excellent free Bible Study resources (Audio/Video) provided by Dr. Bill Creasy, a Presbyterian convert to Catholic faith
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Catholic Bible Study with Dr. Brant Pitre

Catholic Bible Study with Jeff Cavins

Dr. Bill Creasy's Logos Bible Study
An excellent free bible study (audio/video) by a Presbyterian convert to Catholic faith
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Bible in 40 Lessons
One of Dr. Creasy's most popular courses, this "flagship" course grew out of his year-long UCLA course, "The English Bible as Literature."  One of the most highly rated courses on campus, "The English Bible as Literature"  placed Dr. Creasy among the top 2% of UCLA teaching faculty for over 20 years!  "The Bible in 40 Lessons" is the UCLA course bulked up, totally ripped--and on steroids!
Each lesson consists of two 45-60 minute lectures, recorded in front of a live audience, along with a wealth of "enrichment material," including 500 hours of detailed lectures from the Old and New Testament "SUPER COURSES," videos, notes, introductions, outlines, bibliographies, and articles.
The Bible, Genesis through Revelation - Introduction
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
Lesson 15
Lesson 16
Lesson 17
Lesson 18
Lesson 19
Lesson 20
Lesson 21
Lesson 22
Lesson 23
Lesson 24
Lesson 25
Lesson 26
Lesson 27
Lesson 28
Lesson 29
Lesson 30
Lesson 31
Lesson 32
Lesson 33
Lesson 34
Lesson 35
Lesson 36
Lesson 37
Lesson 38
Lesson 39
Lesson 40