Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012 Tuesday: St. Joseph the Worker

St. Joseph the Worker

This is St. Joseph’s second feast day on the Church calendar of celebrations. We honor him also on March 19. St. Joseph is a very important saint. He is the husband of Mary and the foster-father of Jesus.

Today we celebrate the witness of Joseph’s hard work. He was a carpenter who labored long hours in his little shop. St. Joseph teaches us that the work we do is important. Through it we give our contribution and our service to our family and society. But even more than that, we follow God’s plan for us by carrying out the special work he has given us to do. That is why we want to try to always do our work carefully and well.

Many countries set aside one day a year to honor workers. This encourages people to appreciate the dignity and importance of work. The Church has given us St. Joseph as a wonderful example to follow in doing our own work. In 1955, Pope Pius XII proclaimed that this feast of St. Joseph the Worker should be celebrated every year.
-Daughters of St. Paul