Friday, October 3, 2014

Oct. 3, 2014 Friday: 26th Week in Ordinary A

Nothing is so beautiful as a pure soul . . . Purity comes from heaven; we must ask for it from God. If we ask for it, we shall obtain it. We must take great care not to lose it. We must shut our heart against pride, against sensuality, and all the other passions, as one shuts the doors and windows that nobody may be able to get in. What joy it is to the guardian angel to conduct a pure soul! . . .The more pure we have been on earth, the nearer we shall be to Him in heaven . . . My children, we cannot comprehend the power that a pure soul has over the good God.
- St. John Vianney

But how can I please God? Even when I pray, many things interrupt and distract me.
“Don’t worry if you feel cold when you meditate and pray . . . and if you see yourself still surrounded by weakness, because given that this takes place against your every will, there is no fault, and is nothing but a source of merit for you. “These are the trials of chosen souls whom God wants to put to the test when he sees they have the necessary strength to sustain the battle. . . . “Continue to practice meditation and all the other devout practices, always renewing your upright intentions, and do not be at all upset if you are unable to do all this with that perfection you would desire. “Be certain of God’s love for you and of his complete and total pardon for your errors. Believe this firmly and do not wrong divine goodness by doubting this.”
- St. Pio of Pietrecina (Padre Pio)