Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nov. 4, 2014 Tuesday: St Charles Borromeo

You’re invited—to a dinner, a wedding, a birthday party, or a quilting bee. Whatever the event, those two words stir our hearts and imaginations. Someone thought of me! Someone wants my company. Someone looks forward to spending time with me.

Jesus knew the longing to be included that is common to every human being. He also knew the Father’s longing to relate personally with each of us. Believe it or not, almighty God enjoys the pleasure of your company.

That is the underlying message in today’s parable. Yes, some of the Pharisees and lawyers present might have felt stung by the way Jesus called out their complacency. And yes, the invitation to the “salvation banquet” is undeniably important. None of us wants to presume that we’ll dine with God in heaven merely because of how we have followed the rules here. But this parable is more than a scolding! Jesus is asking us to consider the joy and privilege of being invited into his Father’s presence.

You’re invited! The God of the universe is inviting you—personally! He says to you, “Come, dine with me. Sit next to me, and talk with me.” Let that invitation sink in. God wants to share his thoughts with you. Not only that, but he is inviting you to share your thoughts with him. He is eager to spend time with you—not just at the banquet of the Mass but in daily prayer and in simple conversation as you go through your day.

It’s easy to be occupied mentally, to be busy physically, to have excellent reasons why “now” is not a convenient time. Still, God is inviting you! He’s worth rearranging your schedule, just as you would cancel all your other appointments if you were invited to a state dinner or if you had the chance to meet your favorite performer backstage. So ask the Lord to stir your heart once again today, so that you can accept his invitation, even at the expense of the other good things you have to do.

“Father, I accept your invitation to spend time with you today! Thank you for thinking of me and inviting me.”

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