Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feb. 8, 2017 Wednesday: 5th Week in Ordinary Time

Bringing Jesus to Suffering People

The Jesus who becomes bread to satisfy our hunger also becomes that naked person, that homeless and lonely and unwanted person, that leper or drunkard or drug addict or prostitute, so that we can satisfy His hunger to be loved by us through the love we show them. Bringing the presence of Jesus to people suffering like this makes us contemplatives living right in the heart of the world. The people are asking for spiritual help, for consolation; they are so afraid, discouraged, in despair; so many commit suicide. That’s why we must concentrate on being God’s love, God’s presence, not by words, but by service, concrete love, listening. I am praying much for you that you may make use of the ability and suffering that have come into your life as means to real holiness. Let us thank God for His love for you, for His presence in you, and for the grace with which you have accepted your affliction as a gift of God. It must be hard— but the wood of the Cross was hard too. Do not ever think your life is useless because you cannot do what others do. The Cross of Jesus and the suffering of our Blessed Mother and of so many Christians are the greatest wealth of the whole world. You too are a part of that wealth. May you allow Jesus to live more fully in you, and may the Passion He shares with you be a sign of His tender love for you. -Mother Teresa

(Photo: Tornado damage in the St. Jude subdivision near CF Plant in Donaldsonville. Courtesy of Fr. Joseph Vu)