Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012 Wednesday: St. Mark the Evangelist

St. Mark the Evangelist

Mark lived at the time of Jesus. Although he was not among the original twelve apostles, he was a relative of St. Barnabas the apostle. Mark is well known because he wrote one of the four Gospels. That is why he is called an “evangelist,” which means “Gospel writer.” Mark’s Gospel is short, but it gives many little details that are not in the other Gospels.
While he was still young, Mark went with the two great saints, Paul and Barnabas, on a missionary journey to bring the teachings of Jesus to new lands. Before the journey was over, though, Mark seems to have had a disagreement with St. Paul. Mark suddenly returned to Jerusalem. Paul and Mark later worked out their differences. In fact, Paul wrote from prison in Rome that Mark came to console and help him.

Mark also became a beloved disciple of St. Peter, the first pope. St. Peter called St. Mark “my son.” Some think that Peter meant to say that he had baptized Mark. Mark was consecrated a bishop and sent to Alexandria, Egypt. There he converted many people. He worked hard to spread love for Jesus and his Church. It is believed that he went through long and painful sufferings before he died around the year 74.

St. Mark’s relics were brought to Venice, Italy. He is the patron saint of that famous city. People go to the beautiful basilica of St. Mark to honor him and to pray to him. In art, St. Mark’s symbol is the lion.

We can remember St. Mark when we have a disagreement with someone, or when we find it hard to get along with someone. At those times, we can ask St. Mark to help us work out our disagreements in kindness and respect.
-Daughters of St. Paul