Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012: Wednesday of Holy Week

 In Jesus, the Heavenly Father inaugurated a new relationship with us; he made us “sons in the Son himself.”…[I]t is precisely on this reality that St. John invites us to meditate.…The beloved Apostle of the Lord stresses that we are really sons: “and so we are” (1 Jn 3:1). We are not only creatures, but we are sons; in this way God is close to us; in this way he draws us to himself at the moment of his Incarnation, in his becoming one of us. Therefore, we truly belong to the family whose Father is God, because Jesus, the Only-Begotten Son, came to pitch his tent among us, the tent of his flesh, to gather all the nations together into a single family, the family of God, belonging to the divine Being united in one people, one family. He came to reveal to us the true Face of the Father, and if we now use the word “God,” it is no longer a reality known only from afar. We know the Face of God; it is that of the Son, who came to bring the heavenly realities closer to us and to the earth.
(GENERAL AUDIENCE, JANUARY 3, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI)