Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 8, 2014 Thursday: 3rd Week of Easter

The road to Emmaus in this way becomes the symbol of our journey of faith: the Scriptures and the Eucharist are the indispensable elements for our encounter with the Lord. We too arrive at Sunday Mass with our worries, our problems and delusions... Life sometimes wounds us and we walk along sadly toward our “Emmaus,” turning our backs on God’s plan. We distance ourselves from God. But the Liturgy of the Word welcomes us: Jesus explains the Scriptures and reignites the fire of faith and hope in our hearts and in Communion he gives us strength. Word of God, Eucharist. Read a passage of Scripture every day. Remember it well: read a passage of Scripture every day, and on Sunday go to receive Communion, to receive Jesus. This is how it happened with the disciples of Emmaus: they took in the Word; they shared the piece of bread and from sad and defeated they became joyful. Remember it well! When you are said, take up the Word of God. When you are down, take up the Word of God and go to Sunday Mass to receive Communion, to participate in the mystery of Jesus. Word of God, Eucharist: they fill us with joy.

Pope Francis
Regina Coeli, May 4, 2014