Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 3: Novena to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Day 3: Novena to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
Third Day: Hear Him Say to You: “I Thirst”

 “In His agony, in His pain, in His loneliness, He said very clearly, ‘Why have You forsaken Me?’ He was so terribly lonely and forsaken and suffering on the Cross…. At this most difficult time He proclaimed: ‘I thirst.’…And the people thought He was thirsty in an ordinary way and they gave Him vinegar straight-away; but it was not that He thirsted for—it was for our love, our affection, that intimate attachment to Him, and that sharing of His passion. And it is strange that He used such a word. He used ‘I thirst’ instead of ‘Give Me your love.’…The thirst of Jesus on the Cross is not imagination. It was a word: ‘I thirst.’ Let us hear Him saying it to me and saying it to you…. It is really a gift of God.”   “If you listen with your heart, you will hear, you will understand…. Until you know deep inside that Jesus thirsts for you, you can’t begin to know who He wants to be for you. Or who He wants you to be for Him.”

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, you allowed the thirsting love of Jesus on the Cross to become a living flame within you, and so became the light of His love to all. Obtain from the Heart of Jesus (here make your request). Teach me to allow Jesus to penetrate and possess my whole being so completely that my life, too, may radiate His light and love to others. Amen.