Monday, March 10, 2014

Mar. 10, 2014 Monday: 1st Week of Lent A

"I tell you the truth" Jesus says," when you gave food, when you offered a drink, when you clothed someone, when you visited the sick, when you visited those in prison you did it to me."

Jesus tells us, shows us who in reality he is who is God, how to find and be one with him, this God who is truly alive, this God called Emmanuel And the Lord warns us, that even the good and saintly people would have difficulty recognizing him in their day to day life.

Today, everyday, anywhere, everywhere, he comes to us in the guise of the poorest of the poor, of the suffering unwanted brethren of ours, asking for our help, most of the time not even daring to beg for help from us. Do you see, do you sense? The thought that it is Emmanuel in front of me makes heaven and earth tremble. It makes me tremble. "Extend! Extend! Extend! The king of Siam commands in the movie, The King and I. God literally commands us to "Extend! Extend! Our hands, our hearts, our whole being, if we want the Lord to "welcome us into his kingdom on the last judgment.

Lord, Emmanuel, may I help you here? Now?