Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014 Thursday: 1st Week of Lent A

Jesus shows us that we have to be open to a conversation with God when we are in need. However, we have to listen attentively while God does the talking. The Father knows everything, but initially, He allows us to pour out our heart to Him in prayer. Jesus taught his disciples and his listeners to ask directly from the Father and the promise of Jesus is that we shall receive what we ask from God. To ask is not enough, however. Jesus tells us to go further and be more concrete in our prayer. Jesus specifically tells us to seek, which means to go out, to look for, to search. We are to do our share. We have to seek. And Jesus promised that we shall find what we are searching for. Then he mentions a door and that is the third and final portion of the whole prayer. There is no key to open the door with. We must initiate another action that Jesus taught us which is to knock. God must be waiting behind the locked room. He is ready to open the door. That moment will be when God presents us the gift we are asking for, and we receive the gift from His hands. God always listens. He does not come empty handed. The wholeness in the three part petition prayers ends with God fulfilling His promise to answer our prayers. However, the answer of the Lord may not be our expected prayer.
Jesus makes a comparison of how earthly fathers do not cheat their children when they ask for something. Fathers do provide for their children. How much more with God? God loves His earthly children and gives unconditionally. We must not think that God short changes us if we do not receive a gift that is not to our liking. We might not accept God's answer or gift but God, the Father knows best. All the gifts from the Father are part of God's plan for us.