Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014 Tuesday: 1st Week of Lent A

In the first reading, Isaiah likens the Word of God to the rain which comes down from heaven and waters the earth. We know how much the soil needs rain to make plants grow and to keep it fertile. It is the same for us whose thirsting souls need the Word of God to give us life and direction. We need our daily dose of the Word of God from Sacred Scriptures and listen to people talk to us about Jesus. This is the spiritual food that truly nourishes us and will bear fruit in us if properly taken and constantly received with love and obedience to God.

The gospel talks about the Lord's Prayer. The Word of God we receive every day should make us aware of the holiness of God and make us desire that His kingdom be established here on earth as quickly as possible. We understand that as Christians we belong to heaven, and therefore, let us pray that God's reign be firmly established in the hearts of men which is full of confusion, lawlessness, deceit, worldliness and immorality. Then we ask God to provide us our daily bread, which is not only our immediate material needs but also the daily guidance and inspiration to be faithful to God's commands. One of these commands is to forgive those who sin against us. We do this by loving them, by understanding them, by helping them to correct their attitudes and behavior. "To err is human, to forgive divine." So we need divine help to forgive others. Lastly, we ask God our Father to save us from the evil one, and that is Satan. Satan is among us constantly tempting us to go against God's commands. We implore God's help to fight against his suggestions and resist him by being solid in our faith.