Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014: Tuesday of Holy Week

It is a mystery that Christ chose Judas as one of his disciples even if he knew that Judas was to betray him. Knowing the plan of salvation that his Father had for all mankind which had to pass through the cross, Jesus accepted Judas to be among the Twelve.
As the disciples asked Jesus in the other accounts of this gospel, "Is it I, Lord?" when he foretold the betrayal, we also need to ask Jesus, "Is it I, Lord?" for we can betray Christ like Judas or deny him like Peter. Every time we are used as the devil's tool to carry out his works, such as greed, promiscuity, slander - an endless list - we betray Christ. The devil easily deceives us with his empty promises but Christ has already overcome him so we can call on him to defend us. When we do betray or deny Christ, let us be like Peter who had a deep sorrow for his sins and be assured of Christ's endless mercy.