Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 24, 2014: Thursday within Octave of Easter

The apostles must really have taken a hard fall with the suffering and death of their Master... that they were just soaking in misery and pain that they were simply oblivious to the realities occurring before them. How many times have this happened to us? Note our Blessed Lord as to how he tried to present himself to his beloved ones...'standing in their midst'...greeting them 'Peace to You'... nothing but panic, fright, disbelief and astonishment! To this point of the situation, the apostles are in denial of the occurrences until Jesus, in a sense, leveled off with them. "...have you anything to eat?' which in essence gave the apostles a fond remembering of the days together with their Master! From their recall and remembrance, the understanding of the heart flowed as Jesus said; 'Remember the Words I spoke to you when I was still with you.' O, the power of the spoken word of Our Blessed Lord to heal the minds and hearts of his beloved ones. Jesus did it then when he walked the earth; and he does it now to us who believe!
In light of the grace we received during the Paschal Triduum, reflect, recall and remember a similar incident or situation in our life of faith in the Risen Lord!