Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25, 2015: Friday within Octave of Easter A

After receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples went back to their usual lives. When Peter initiated that he was going out to "fish," the others "followed." Unfortunately, they did not catch anything. Probably they were thinking about Christ and about what just happened when Christ "commissioned" them to continue his work. Probably they were thinking what's next? Can they do what has been asked of them without Christ being physically with them? Will people believe them? Has any of them thought of just abandoning the "co-mission" offered to them and just go on with their lives?
When Christ instructed them where to throw their net on the right side of the boat, they were able to drag a netful of fish. This was when they knew "It is the Lord" (Jn 21:7).
Surely it makes a big difference when we have faith. The apostles were tasked to be "fishers of men" but with doubt and uncertainty in their hearts, how could they catch men and bring them to Christ? In anything we do, as long as we do not believe in what we are capable of doing, we will not be able to get things done. Let us also remember that though we do not see Christ, we must believe that he is always accompanying us in every step of our journey.