Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014 Wednesday: 5th Week of Lent A

To kill is a strong word. And yet today's Gospel finds Jesus using the word kill. He addresses this word to the Jews who were his fellow countrymen and believed in him. And if this word is proclaimed to us today, it means that this word is applicable to us. We are slaves because we have idols that control our lives. Be it money, career, affections of people, job, fame, fortune or any other earthly concern. It is this addiction, slavery and obsession that forces us to commit sin. God understands our nature not as evil but weak and sends his word to hopefully find place in our hearts with the purpose of freeing us from this slavery. Every time we reject the word, we kill the Spirit that wants to free us. Do we kill Christ? Yes, every time we reject the Holy Spirit. When we kill the impulses of our conscience, we are in fact killing Christ's advances to us. Let us be alert to notice when the Spirit speaks to us that we may listen to the word that Christ sends to us to help us in our daily life.