Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014: Tuesday within Octave of Easter

Unlike the others who were with her in the morning of the resurrection, Mary of Magdala, because of her great love for Christ, remained by the tomb looking for him. It was her perseverance in seeking Christ that gained her the reward of finding what she sought for. Mary of Magdala is a figure of the bride of Christ. After Pentecost, according to tradition, Mary lived for some period in the desert, living only on the bread of the Eucharist before she went to France to evangelize. Her intense love for Jesus was enough for her to live. All of us, whether male or female, are called to be brides of Christ, to have Christ as the meaning of our existence. Let us not tire of seeking him even when it seems like we are facing an empty tomb, which may be the darkness or death we experience in life. Jesus will meet us there. When we approach Christ, he will appear to us even in a surprising manner. The Lord is just waiting for us in the deserts of our lives where he will reveal himself and speak to our hearts.
In the Acts of the Apostles, the Lord touches the hearts of 3,000 men through the preaching of the apostles. They believe in the preaching and ask for baptism. The miracle of the resurrection now begins to change the face of the earth as the Christian community starts to grow by leaps and bounds. Christ is truly risen!