Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015 Tuesday: 9th Week in Ordinary Time

June 2, 2015 Tuesday: 9th Week in Ordinary Time

(Tobit 2:9-14)
At that time, my wife Anna worked for hire at weaving cloth, the kind of work women do. When she sent back the goods to their owners, they would pay her. Late in winter on the seventh of Dystrus, she finished the cloth and sent it back to the owners. They paid her the full salary and also gave her a young goat for the table. On entering my house the goat began to bleat.
I called to my wife and said: “Where did this goat come from? Perhaps it was stolen! Give it back to its owners; we have no right to eat stolen food!” She said to me, “It was given to me as a bonus over and above my wages.” Yet I would not believe her, and told her to give it back to its owners. I became very angry with her over this. So she retorted: “Where are your charitable deeds now? Where are your virtuous acts? See! Your true character is finally showing itself!”

From "Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis

Our Trust in God When Evil Words Are Spoken against Us (Book 3, Ch. 36)

CHRIST: My child stand firm and trust in Me. What are words but only wind?
Why be afraid of mortals? A human being is here today and gone tomorrow. Keep up a wholesome fear of God and you will not find it necessary to be afraid of humans. What can others really do against you by words and insults? Those who thus attack you hurt themselves more than you, and wherever they may be, they will not escape God’s judgment.   Endeavor to walk always in God’s presence and refrain from arguments. And if at times you have been overcome and undeservedly suffer confusion, do not be downcast and do not lessen your future reward by yielding to impatience. But rather look up to Me in heaven, for I am able to deliver you from all trouble and injury, and to repay all persons according to their works.